Are you confused about who and what to believe when it comes to health? In each episode of their podcast The Lies We’ve Been Fed, hosts Fabrice Braunrot and Erica Ballard take on a common “lie” about health and nutrition, layout how it came to be believed, explain why it’s not true, and reveal a better path forward for your health. Erica is a workplace wellness expert known for her direct and relatable approach to health. Fabrice is a veteran of sifting through contradictory information to come up with a plan of action. He is also a dedicated practitioner of SuperSlow; he and his wife Cara are regular clients of CWSS.
Like many of us faced with an ocean of conflicting information, Fabrice and Erica were confused about who and what to believe when it came to health. So they pooled their skills and set out to understand why it is so hard to get trustworthy answers and to figure out what good health actually looks like.

A recent episode tackles the stress/food loop that so many of us (and our bathroom scales!) are all too familiar with in these quarantined times. Another episode looks at why getting healthy can seem so hard, and challenges our assumptions around tackling the problem.

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Each podcast follows a format that includes exploring one lie, experimenting with solutions, and giving us all a homework assignment that will help make life better. Apart from your CWSS workout, tuning in to Lies We’ve Been Fed could be the best thing you do for your health this week!