Personal Training at its Best

Certified SuperSlow instructors provide one-on-one strength training using this highly effective and original protocol. Exercises are performed on specialized MED-X equipment that allows for slow, frictionless movement and a full range of motion under controlled speed.


We are Results-Oriented

We strive to provide our clients with the quality of training and support they need in attaining their goals. Each aspect of our workout is closely supervised by our professional instructors.

About the Studio:

Since 2002, CityWide SuperSlow has been Chicago’s premier personal training studio. Located in Lincoln Park, our studio boasts high ceilings, exposed brick walls, maple hardwood floors and large windows with a view of the Chicago skyline lend a unique character and charm to our facility. Women and men’s locker rooms, spa showers and a welcoming reception area round out our 4200 square foot space.

An Ideal Exercise Environment

Our private, professional studio is unlike any other workout environment. No mirrors, music, cell phones or crowds are allowed to distract your ability to concentrate. A maximum of 5 training sessions will be conducted in the space at any given time so there is no waiting your turn for a machine. The training room is kept cool and well ventilated for maximum performance.

CityWide SuperSlow® personal training sessions are by appointment only and there is no membership fee.

We Chart Your Progress Down to the Second

We keep precise records of your workout performance. This allows us to closely monitor the variables of intensity, duration and frequency appropriately.