The SuperSlow technique is different than the traditional style of weight training.  Rather than going the typical 2-4 seconds to lift and lower the weight with multiple sets, the SuperSlow method uses a 10/10 rep speed with only one set.  The goal is to safely bring the muscles to complete fatigue in a brief amount of time, about 2 minutes per exercise. Specialized MEDX machines are used to help control the speed, eliminate friction and isolate the targeted muscles.  A minimum of two to three days rest in between workouts gives the muscles time to recover and repair, leading to muscle growth.


20 Minutes, Once or Twice a Week

That’s all it takes!

CityWide SuperSlow is Chicago’s premier SuperSlow facility, where high-intensity strength training generates the

fastest and greatest results!

The workout is demanding, intense and effective.

It’s the hardest you’ll ever work at exercise.

And by the way, it’s only 20 minutes.

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