The Body will Build Muscle at Any Age: It is never too late!


Strength training improves health

More muscle mass which drives metabolism

Supports insulin stabilization


Strength training improves health

Increased focus and alertness

Better balance and posture


Strength training improves health

Increased bone density

Stronger joints

You Can Significantly Slow Down Aging

Effective strength training can prevent and even reverse the downward spiral of aging due to muscle loss. Research shows you can regain lost muscle even if you start to train as late as your 90’s.

At  CityWide SuperSlow,  60 percent of our clients are age 60 or older. They experience a healthier, more active life.

Muscle loss accelerates in our 50s and again after age 60. By age 70, the wasting away of muscle, a disease known as sarcopenia, will destroy 1/3 of overall muscle mass. Becoming weaker leads to loss of physical abilities, risk of falling, osteoporosis and many chronic diseases. Strong muscles can help prevent heart disease, cognitive decline, and many cancers. Resistance training can help manage or eliminate back and joint pain, arthritic pain and conditions resulting from metabolic syndrome.


Are you ready for the total body workout that only takes 20 minutes per session?

It’s especially important to build and maintain muscle as you age, and more so, you need to train SAFELY.  SuperSlow weight training is ideal for older people because it reduces your risk of injury by going slowly through the exercises.  Your certified personal trainers will coach you through each session, focusing on form and speed. The SuperSlow method was developed from an early Osteoporosis Research study at the University of Florida. Today, it is the safest, most effective way to strength train.

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Benefits of Strength Training over 60

Increased bone density  |  Increased muscle mass  |  Increased strength  |  Better quality of life  |  Preserve independence  |  Decrease chance of injury  |  Stronger joints  |  Reduced risk of Osteoporosis  |  Reduced risk of Sarcopenia  |  Improved sleep  |  Reduced depression  |  Reduced signs and symptoms of numerous chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Our Clients are in the Prime of Life!

Strength training over 60 allows our clients to live their best lives and get the most value out of their Golden Years!

Ann Kessler: 73 years old
“I’ve been doing Superslow once a week for almost two years.  It’s a great way to improve my strength so I can be an active Grandma and a healthier stronger me!  I benefit from the increased strength in all my daily activities and love the nutritional lifestyle tips from the amazing staff!”
Sydne Kalet: 72 years old
“The workout is always challenging and there is nothing I like better than to successfully overcome a challenge.  I’m confident I’m doing the right thing to ensure myself better health and a stronger body as I continue the aging process.  A stronger body also means a stronger mind and what can be better than that!”
Richard Neville: 75 years old
“I’m not doing any nature climbs with ice axes anymore, but I did just climb Mount Olympus this summer.  I still can play golf five days in a row. I do a lot of traveling in my business as a mediator, and I’m up for it. I sleep well. Everything you want working out to do for you, SuperSlow has done for me.”
Ira Fingerman: 68 years old
“At my annual checkup, my doctor told me I am in better shape now at 68 years old than I was 10 years ago.  Weight loss, stronger and all of my numbers have improved. I owe it all to SuperSlow and to my trainer Denise!”
Andy Rosenberg: 71 years old
“I like the fact that I can have input/control as to the level of the challenge. Theresa is very keen on watching my form so that I am not being pushed beyond my limitations. Over the years there have been mishaps in my life (broken wrist, broken leg, two cornea transplants and nine days of hospitalization with pneumonia,etc.). Each time Theresa has found a new beginning point and gotten me backup to new challenges.  I have been working on my posture all of my life. My workouts have helped my posture as well as my balance and sense of being centered.”
Larry Krucoff: 79 years old
“The workout is quick; the tasks are well-defined and the short-term goals (surpassing one’s previous weight limits) are achievable.  I started this program over 20 years ago wanting to maintain a certain level of performance in golf. For the most part, I’ve achieved that goal in part because of SuperSlow, in part also because of genes, practice and good luck.  Along the way, I’ve also had a very healthy and active existence again in part of SuperSlow.”
Elizabeth Sacks: 80 years old
“What I like most about the workout is that I trust my trainer Becky and I enjoy every moment of my workout with her.  I am 80 years old and I need to feel safe throughout my strength training and with SuperSlow I do. The workout efficiently includes every muscle in just a half hour, and I am still able to continue to be as active as ever.”
Gerald Freedman: 80 years old
“I like that the workout is only 20 minutes long and I have been injury free for the 11 years that I’ve been working out with Andrew at CWSS.  I am still able to waterski, snow ski, and play competitive tennis!”