“What I’m going to tell you, your doctors will not.  There’s an insidious disease affecting us all. There’s no pill,  but there is something you can do and must. You must strength train.  Strength is the key, the goal, and the cure.” -Fred Bartlit

Fred Bartlit, nationally known trial lawyer and author, presented a strong, convincing argument to 45 attendees at CWSS, September 26.  He addressed not just the benefits of strength training after age 50, but diseases and frailty that can be prevented by building strong muscles.

Recently, he noted, sarcopenia was classified as a disease, but nothing is taught in medical school about how to prevent or treat it.  Medical science always thought extreme frailty was the inevitable consequence of aging.

“We are facing an epidemic of strength deterioration, and neither the most successful, best educated in the world, nor their doctors know a thing about it.”


Starting as early as age 30, accelerating by age 50, and by age 60-70, this disease will destroy 1/3 of your remaining strength.  It leads to the downward spiral of decay and erosion of our physical abilities and leads to a cascade of chronic diseases that kill us.


The evidence Bartlit presented was eye opening:
“Cancer mortality rates are 50% higher in those with low muscular strength.”

“Exercise is the primary prevention against 35 chronic conditions,” including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and even Alzheimer’s and dementia.  “Those that expend the most energy exercising are 90% less likely to develop cognitive decline.”

Fred echoes our long-standing message, be strong for a long healthy, active life.  So does Dr. Mercola who writes, from Peak Fitness:

“Workout strategies that effectively boost muscle growth while being very safe for the older and/or unfit individuals include SuperSlow weight training.”