Strength Training and Weight Loss


Summer is almost over, the kids are heading back to school and life is getting back to normal. It is easy to fall out of your workout routine during the crazy, busy, summer months. Call CWSS today (773-281-7569), schedule online, and/or contact your trainer and make that initial step to start up your intense workouts again!



This fall, DO NOT EXERCISE! Instead, decide to TRAIN!

Weight loss is a huge goal each year.

  • Most quit before 1 month of setting their goal
  • Only 46% keep their goals past 6 months
  • Only 8% achieve their goals




Mark Rippetoe, a conditioning and strength training coach, explains the difference between Exercise and Training:



“Exercise is physical activity for it’s own sake, a workout done for the effect it produces today, during the workout or right after you’re through. Exercise is fun today. Well, it may not be fun, but you’ve convinced yourself to do it today because you perceive that the effect you produce today is of benefit to you today…”


“Training is physical activity done with a longer-term goal in mind, the constituent workouts of which are specifically designed to produce that goal. Training is about the process you undertake to generate a specific result later, maybe much later, the workouts of which are merely the constituents of the process.”



Training is about the BIG PICTURE! You are losing muscle each year as you age. Train with intensity and your muscles will get stronger and everything else will fall into place. The more muscle on our bodies = higher metabolism. By increasing our muscle mass, our bodies will burn more calories/fat and in turn create our desirable body composition.

Strength train with a purpose, a plan and realistic goals. Put in effort and intensity and you will succeed. It may not necessarily be fun, but it will be worth it. Commit to being fit, by working towards being strong. Strength training is the only fountain of youth!