Looking to burn extra fat and keep it off? Then it’s time to turn on your afterburners!
Challenging your muscles to failure or complete fatigue—as we do at CWSS—creates an afterburn effect, raising your metabolism for up to 72 hours after a workout


Not All Exercise Is Created Equal

Science shows you’ll burn more fat as your muscles repair and get stronger from strength training than with cardio.
When steady-state exercise (biking, running) exhausts our sugar supply without challenging our muscles, the body burns both stored fat and muscle for fuel as it recovers. You might lose weight, but some of your weight loss is muscle loss! No one wants that!
Compare that to the high intensity strength training we do here at CWSS. During those last couple of reps, the muscles get this message: “You were not strong enough. Time to grow!” Having gotten the message to come back stronger, the body burns sugar and fat as it recovers, sparing—even strengthening—your muscles.

Here Come the Afterburners

The benefits aren’t over when you’re done exercising! A CWSS workout can have an afterburn effect for up to 72 hours, meaning:
  • The muscle growth and repair triggered by high-intensity strength training burns more than twice as much fat as steady-state cardio
  • The body keeps burning fat at a higher rate for up to 72 hours after your workout!
Turn on your afterburners! Schedule a workout at CWSS