Currently at CWSS, we have 34 couples who work out with us.  Some of these couples work out at the same time, and others work out separately, but still share in ALL the benefits of participating in the same workout.  

According to Psychology Today, “Physical fitness can benefit not only your own health and well-being, but also your romantic relationship.  In fact, working out together can:”

  • Increase your happiness within your relationship
  • Improve the efficiency of your workouts
  • Help you achieve your fitness goals
  • *Increase your emotional bond

We asked a few of our couple clients to share their experiences of working out at CWSS:



Ken & Ann Kessler

Ann is 74 years old and Ken is 76 years old and they have been working out at CWSS once a week since March 2015.  They plan to continue as long as they can to maintain and build muscle mass and energy derived from the workout.

Has working out together strengthened your relationship in any way you feel comfortable sharing?
AK: Doing this together makes the whole thing more fun as we commute together and share what we have gleaned from each session.  We have different trainers and they each bring a lot of added information on healthy living from diet to new theories on slowing down the aging process so we stay as active as possible.

Have either of you overcome any injury, illness, surgery, etc. since working out at CWSS?
AK: Ken being a golfer has had some back issues that occasionally need some extra TLC which is always met with good advice and thoughtfully working through any discomfort.  I also have a long term back problem with two herniated discs that tend to flair up occasionally but that is always met with a nurturing workout with attention to correcting this.   It has, in fact, been less of a problem since beginning SuperSlow due to the careful strengthening of my lower back muscles and all other muscles. It is no longer a problem to lift heavy objects etc. which used to inflame my back to the point of being bedridden for a few days.  

Have your workouts helped keep up with kids/grandkids?
AK: With two small but heavy granddaughters and now expecting one more, we have found our ability to pick up and play with them much easier and a whole lot more fun! We also strongly feel that this building of muscle mass will put us in better stead to enjoy them for many years to come.  Our children are all so supportive of what we are doing at CWSS because they can see the difference in our strength versus some of their other friend’s parents.

Anything else you’d like to share about both of your experiences working out together?
AK: We so look forward to our weekly workouts.  We’ve met a lot of the other participants and they are all equally excited and benefiting from their experiences.  It’s fun to be around others that value the vitality that this brings to your life.



Peter Ruggiero & Joan Craig

Peter and Joan have been working out at CWSS for 11 years.

Have your workouts strengthened your relationship?
PR:  I manage to get Joan out of bed early in the morning and we are much more in tune with each other.  Increases our emotional bond. We spend more time together in the morning before work and spend quality time as we always feel much better emotionally and physically after working out.

Have either of you overcome any injury, illness, surgery etc. since working out at CWSS?
PR: We are injury free.

Have your workouts helped keep up with your kids?
PR: They have, and now we do work out with our two adult and one teenager children.

Anything else you’d like to share about both of your experiences working out together?
PR:  We both have demanding professional lives that often involve traveling and being apart frequently for a day or a few days at a time.  Working out together has created opportunities to spend time together and share successes and increased/improved levels of physical performance and accomplishments.



Kristen Zagozdon & Ryan Indovina

Kristen is 38 years old and has been a client since September 2016 and Ryan is 40 years old and has been a client since March 2017

Working out together, has this strengthened your relationship in any way you’re comfortable sharing?
KZ: Yes! We work out together every Saturday morning, and enjoy heading to CityWide together and talking about our workout on the way home.  It is an intense workout, and it is great to have a partner who understands how hard it is.

Have either of you overcome any injury, illness, surgery etc. since working out at CWSS?
KZ: I started working out at CWSS because I have a bad back and it seemed like a tough workout that would not worsen my back.  After a year at CityWide, my chronic back pain was gone! It was really amazing! It will flare up on occasion, but I like knowing that I can still do my SuperSlow workout, sometimes with some modifications, and get a great workout rather than having to skip when my back bothers me.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experiences working out together?
KZ: We are so grateful for the team at CWSS!  We have made great friends with the team there and always have a lot of fun!




Tom & Dianne Campbell
Dianne is 69 years old and Tom is 75 years old and they have been working out at CWSS for over two years.

“We’re working out together twice a week.  Scheduling workouts together is a good buddy system, a shared commitment.  It’s positive for me to know that being strong (and stronger) as we get older is a shared priority.  Tom also loves that I’ve dropped two dress sizes and that has been a positive factor on lots of fronts!  I have more energy, stamina, and creativity, which has been a big boost, both in my professional and personal life.  The coaches/trainers at CWSS are the best, which has helped me realize that I perform best with a coach. Tom and I have built strong relationships with our trainers and look forward to our sessions.  We’re hooked!” ~Dianne Campbell

Tim & Eloise Barron
Tim is 65 years old, Eloise is 62 years old and they have been working out at CWSS since April 2018

“We enjoy doing this together and this is another example of something that keeps us close.  I can still sling a 5 year old granddaughter on my shoulders and my wife Eloise enjoys the ability to give long piggyback rides.  The trainers are terrific and we would come all the way from our Michigan home just for one of Keith’s negative workouts.” ~Tim Barron

Jerry Freedman & Elizabeth Sacks
Jerry and Elizabeth are both in their 80’s and have been doing SuperSlow for over 12 years.

“We both really enjoy our workouts and our trainers.  We are still very active. I play tennis, waterski and snowski still.  Elizabeth dances and walks everywhere. We are injury free and very strong.  We both consider ourselves good ambassadors for SuperSlow.” ~Jerry Freedman