CWSS star client Richard Neville used to run to stay in shape. However, a trip to the doctor after injuring his knee forced him to consider other ways to keep fit. “My doctor told me ‘Richard, you’re 57. Time for you to think about doing something other than running. That’s a little signal from your body.'” Soon after, Rich was among one of the first clients to join CWSS!

Rich’s story was recently featured in the May 2nd, 2018 article Strength Training: A SuperSlow Solution. In the article, Rich explains how his SuperSlow strength training workouts have helped him reach new “heights” at the tender age of 75. According to Rich:

“I’m not doing any dangerous climbs with ice axes anymore, but I’m going to climb Mount Olympus. I still can play golf five days in a row. I do a lot of traveling in my business as a mediator, and I’m up for it. I sleep well. Everything that you want working out to do for you, it has done for me,” Neville said. “Your muscle mass, bones, and tendons have been around a long time. You want to keep them healthy rather than strain them or cause yourself an injury. I have no arthritis, no pain.”

Rich and CWSS managing partner Keith Morton are friends and have been workout buddies for many years. “I was an avid runner for 25 years, ran hard, but now I was shuffling along. My hips were killing me,” explained Morton. Similar to Rich, Keith started working with a SuperSlow trainer once a week in 2000 after running became more and more painful. “For a guy like me to take five days off was crazy. I did it and it changed my life.” Keith’s pain went away and he felt great for the first time in a long time. Six months later, Keith opened CityWide SuperSlow.

“We believe exercise should be intense, brief, infrequent, and most importantly, safe. It should be infrequent because you need to recover. It takes days and days to recover from this workout,” said Morton. “And by going super slow, ten seconds up, ten seconds down, it’s really hard to get injured. No one really understands what we do until they’re exposed to it. Then once they are, many, many, many people get hooked.”


80% of CityWide’s clients are over 40. We believe that SuperSlow is the answer, that it is the ULTIMATE FITNESS, especially for an aging body.