In the absence of obstetric or medical complications, pregnant women can and should continue to strength train during pregnancy.  According to the The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, pregnant women should engage in weight-bearing exercise of moderate-intensity weekly.  Strength Training is one of the best forms of exercise as it prepares a woman’s body for the weight gain accompanied by pregnancy as well as for the physical challenges a new mom faces.


At CityWide SuperSlow each one of our trainers has worked with numerous clients throughout their pregnancies.  We encourage and assist and make the necessary modifications needed throughout the progression.


One of CityWide’s long-term clients, Megan O’Brien, worked out throughout her whole pregnancy, including 2 DAYS before she went into labor.  Megan returned to her workouts just 6 WEEKS after having her beautiful daughter Cora.  Megan shares her experience of her pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum below:


  1. How did you feel throughout your pregnancy?

M: I felt good throughout my pregnancy for the most part.  I would get leg cramps and acid reflux, but both were manageable.


  1. How did you feel during your SuperSlow workouts while pregnant?

M:  I felt very comfortable during my workouts.  My trainer Becky had also just been pregnant, so I trusted her expertise with modifications needed.


  1. Do you feel your SuperSlow workouts helped with your comfort level during your pregnancy?  Also, with your delivery?

M:  I was very mobile during my pregnancy even at the end.  I walked about 2 miles per day which helped both my mental and physical health.  I worked the day before childbirth, and I did my SuperSlow workout 2 days before my childbirth.  Breathing from my workouts was the most helpful aspect for me during my labor and delivery. I knew my body was strong enough, I just kept having to remind myself I could do it and breathing helped.


  1. You came back to your workouts just 6 weeks after having Cora.  How did that first workout feel after being off and having a baby?

M:  I knew the first workout back would be tough because you lose muscle very quickly.  With focus, I knew I’d be back at my full strength before I knew it!


Megan O’Brien during her January 14th workout, two days before she gave birth!



BORN 1/16
7 lbs 7 oz.
19.7 Inches

SuperSlow Trainer Becky Meade kept up with her twice-a-week workouts throughout her pregnancy.


Becky on the day of her delivery 


“With the fatigue that comes along with your first trimester, it was difficult to get myself geared up for my SuperSlow workouts.  I would force myself to do it because I always felt better afterward. Plus a “bad workout” is always better than “no workout.” My energy level came back during my second trimester and I concentrated a lot on continuing to strengthen through my lower back, in preparation for the low back pain you always hear about through pregnancies. The lumbar extension was a lifesaver for me and I experienced minimal back pain. My third trimester, I had to lower my weights and of course, change my settings on the equipment due to the size of my belly, but I kept up with my workouts.  I worked out the day before I had my son Stephen. My workouts not only helped my mental health, but I knew I wanted to be as strong as I possibly could be throughout my pregnancy, delivery, recovery and into motherhood. I had my first workout back at CWSS 7 weeks after having my son via c-section, and even though it was killer, I was so happy to be back!”

Becky Meade


Becky’s first workout back – 7 weeks postpartum