The old saying is true when it comes to muscle:



Osteoporosis and the Beginning of the SuperSlow Method

In 1982, the SuperSlow method was founded by Ken Hutchins after leading the Nautilus Osteoporosis Project at the University of Florida. Hutchins found that weight training combined with low velocity, meaningful resistance, proper alignment and proper breathing COMPLETELY REVERSED OSTEOPOROSIS in trial patients and lowered blood pressure, cholesterol and weight! During this year, Ken Hutchins wrote the SuperSlow Protocol Article.


Don’t let your age deter you!

Studies have shown that strength training can also reduce the signs and symptoms of the following diseases and chronic conditions in older adults:

  • Arthritis: Decreased pain and stiffness, and increased strength and flexibility
  • Diabetes: Improved glycemic control
  • Heart Disease: Reduced cardiovascular risk by improved lipid profile and overall fitness
  • Obesity: Increased metabolism
  • Back Pain: Decreased spine stress with strengthened back and abdominal muscles
  • Emotional Health: Reduced depression and improved sense of well-being


Is it safe?

Many people hear the phrase “high-intensity strength training” and ask “Am I going to get injured?”. The answer is a resounding “NO” when done with instructor guidance! Keep in mind:

  • Citywide Superslow trainers coach clients to use the correct form, control breathing, and offer encouragement to push through muscle discomfort
  • Citywide trainers also use top-of-the-line Med-X equipment and can customize the body alignment on those machines for any body type to create a safe and efficient workout
  • Slow movements = Safety for the joints and connective tissues


“CWSS has truly been a life-altering experience for me, but before I tell you why I feel so strongly, I should give you a little background information.  I am a 68-year-old man who 6 1/2 years ago, before starting CWSS, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, could only walk about 1/2 mile at a time and really didn’t have much strength or energy.  Today, my blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is under 200 (even with my good cholesterol being 3x normal), my standing heart rate is between 53-58 and I walk an average of 25 miles per week outside.  My strength and energy have increased and my posture has improved. I am also able to play on the floor with my grandchildren for as long as they want and know I can get up with no problem.  According to my doctor, I am in better health and shape than I was 10 years ago.  Strength training at CWSS has improved my health and fitness, the very BEST reason for going is that, because of the training.  Thank you to everyone at CWSS!”

-Ira Fingerman