Weight Loss 101



An introduction to sustained + empowered weight mastery

Wednesdays, 5:00 -6:30 PM Central

April 21st + 28th

May 5th + 12th

Weight Loss 101 is an introductory course, providing foundational puzzle pieces for weight loss mastery

This course will not deal in “common knowledge” – the dime a dozen information you can find in a blog or magazine or in a diet book. 

This course will provide you with novel distinctions, guiding you in removing unseen barriers to sustained and empowered weight mastery.

Bonus beyond the virtual classroom…

Thanks to the generous partnership of Chicago’s premier boutique strength training facility, CWSS, participants will receive 3 complimentary one-on-one strength training sessions to complete virtually or at their state of the art facility in Lincoln Park. 

I promise participating in this introductory course will leave you with meaningful insights and elevated access to sustained and empowered weight loss and the confidence, freed up headspace and triumph that comes with weight mastery.