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You can learn more about CWSS and the SuperSlow technique here.

The SuperSlow strength technique is different than the traditional style of weight training.
Rather than going at the typical 1-2 seconds per repetition, the SuperSlow technique aims for about 18-23 seconds per repetition using specialized MEDX machines to help control the speed and isolate the targeted muscles.


20 Minutes, Once or Twice a Week

That’s all it takes!

CityWide SuperSlow is Chicago’s premier SuperSlow facility, where high-intensity strength training generates the
fastest and greatest results!

The workout is demanding, intense and effective.

It’s the hardest you’ll ever work at exercise.

And by the way, it’s only 20 minutes.

Benefits of High Intensity Strength Training

Increase muscular strength and endurance

Enhanced joint flexibility

Decrease blood pressure

Reduce arthritic discomfort

Increase metabolic rate and bone density 

Raise HDL (high-density lipoprotein)


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