Jumpstart Your Strength-Pre-Thanksgiving Special

Get Your Intro Session + 4 Workouts for $136

(Normally $236)


Offer will be available until 10/31.  We have a limited number of spots available! This is our best offer ever, make sure you get yours before it’s gone! *Current Clients, this makes for a great gift to give a friend or family member and share the gift of health this holiday season!


Time-efficient Sessions

Science-based proven technique of strength training that is so effective, it takes care of all your exercise needs in a 20 minute workout, once or twice a week.

Safest Form of Exercise

With our state-of-the-art equipment, experienced personal trainers and slow speed protocol, we are able to work the proper muscles through a pain-free range of motion. SuperSlow is the safest form of exercise.

High-Intensity + Low Impact

By going very slow to lift and lower the weights, the muscles are worked harder with virtually no risk of injury

Measurable Results

Our personal trainers keep precise records of your workout performance. This allows us to closely monitor the variables of intensity, duration and frequency appropriately.